Litchfield Christmas lights

About Our Story

How in the world did we become the house on the block that Clark Griswold decorates every year you ask???
Well, it all started with an inflatable 8ft snowman & it "snowballed" from there. When you mix a creative guy like my husband with all the ideas in the world on the internet something fun is bound to happen.
Each year there have been new ideas added one by one. Somewhere along the way we added music & Wa-La...light show!!!
We have found along the way that it is more about the joy the lights can bring than just about the lights themselves. We have heard from many kind people how just sitting & watching the lights has brought them joy in a very hard season for so many.
We are so very thankful to each person who takes time during this busy season to stop & sit awhile...& simply enjoy the show.

Shelly Ceasar